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Todd of Insurance

There's a lot to cover

I may own my company, but I’m far from being a company man.

I believe that my professional responsibilities are not to a corporation, but clients. I don’t work for the insurance industry.

I work for you.

Don’t think of me as some guy in an office, dependent on facts, figures and mandates set down by some other guy in some other office. I like the idea of agent as advocate. I chose to get into this business not because it was a convenient way to make a buck. I saw it as a way I could help people. Call me and I’ll get you covered.

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It's not just a good idea. It's the law.

Drive to work. Drive to the store. Take a drive in the country and then drive home. Let’s face it, we live in an automotive society and if you’re like me, you’d feel a little lost without your ride. But accidents happen. My job, as your agent, is to ensure that there’s as little impact as possible. I’m driven to keep you driving.

Your home is your castle - put in a moat.

You’ll probably never pay as much for something as you do for your house. But a house is more than just a sizable investment. It’s your home. It’s where you live. It’s the place you keep all your stuff. It’s important to think about what might happen should something happen to your home and its contents. How quickly could you recover? What would it mean to you and your family? Where, exactly, would you put your stuff? Hopefully, it’s an issue you’ll never need to consider, but if you do, it helps to have someone familiar with the process on your side.

My job doesn’t end when you buy a policy. That’s when it begins.

Taking care of people. It's what I do

It’s hard to put a value on a life, to quantify what a person might mean to family and friends. How do you attach a dollar amount to absence? You can’t.

And while nothing can replace a lost loved one, something – be it substantial or small – beats nothing every time.

Ensuring that those we leave behind don’t have to worry how how they will survive as they learn to live without is one of the most important gifts we can give. Let me help pick out the plan that is right for you and, more importantly, yours.

Todd founded the Tampa Bay Chapter of Heroes on the Water, helping wounded warriors relax, rehabilitate, and reintegrate through kayak fishing and the outdoors.

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Trust me on this one.

I love boats. I love the way they sound and smell and the feeling of gliding across the surface of the sea. I love almost everything about them.

Almost everything.

I hate it when a boat bashes against the side of a slip or encounters an underwater obstacle. I hate that even the safest seaman sometimes finds himself nursing an injured vessel.

I hate that things go wrong, but love that I can help.

I understand the relationship people have with their boats, and when that relationship starts to sink, I’ll patch things up – both literally and figuratively.

Todd Llewellyn
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I'm Todd. I'm an insurance guy.

Insurance is what I do, so there’s probably nothing you’d need that I couldn’t make happen. Give me a call at (727) 894-5555 or email me. Let’s get you covered.